What We Do


We contribute to your business results by supporting the effectiveness of your organization and conscious partnership with your employees.

“Organizational development focuses on the performance and health of the entire organization, not an individual. It is designed to achieve organizational goals that will lead to the satisfaction of people working in the organization.” – Rumen Iliev


  • Behaviors and values that build the organizational culture
  • Effective and embedded organizational structure
  • Internal organizational branding
  • Compatibility assessments in mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession plans that identify candidates for critical roles, readiness and plans
  • Engagement and recognition analysis and recommended actions
  • Nurturing workplace environment
  • Resolution of internal conflicts
  • HR seen as a business proposition
  • Workforce assessment to understand and mitigate human capital risks


We support you (as leaders and employees)
to execute to the maximum of your capabilities.

“Talent management is the systematic process of creating and sustaining individual competencies that will help the business deliver strategy” – Dave Ulrich


  • Right leaders in the right jobs
  • Individual and team assessments
  • Leadership readiness, assimilation and preparation for roles
  • Development and Behavioral coaching
  • Mentoring and sponsorship programs
  • Developing and executing talent and career plans
  • Talent retention
  • Cohesive, collaborative and productive teams and optimizing performance
  • 360 degrees face to face assessments
  • Intervention exercises and managing conflict


We support you to implement consistent and fair
human capital practices around the world
and adapt global practices to specific environments.

“To achieve success in the global marketplace, the challenge of all businesses regardless of their size is to understand global corporate cultural differences and invest in human resources.” – Oyeyemi Kayode


  • Diversity and inclusion as business drivers
  • Innovation and engagement as a result of inclusion
  • Impact of demographic changes to the business
  • Leveraging the growing Latino workforce
  • Workforce support of the organizational goals
  • Global consistency and local application of human capital practices
  • Contributions across functions and geographies
  • Employees connected to the organization and to each other
  • Global virtual managers optimizing resources and relationships


We support the needs of participants to network, connect and manage referrals; be and find sounding boards, mentorship and coaching; expose to learning through discussions and sharing of best practices; impact their journey of professional growth, career awareness and direction

“A community is a social structure that shares personal values, cultural values, business goals, attitudes, or a world view. What binds it is a community culture of social rules and group dynamics that identify members.” – Successful-blog


  • Human Resources Community
  • In partnership with Helena Herrero and Isabel Montes we sponsor a functional specific Community for HR practitioners and topics. We coach HR professionals at different stages and crossroads of their journey to “calibrate” their work, fast-track their career, act as their sounding board and help them bridge gaps of knowledge and experience in an environment of psychological safety. We also hold complementary activities such as strategic connections, curated content sharing and discussions on HR topics.

  • Leadership Community
  • In partnership with Maria Jose Monti, we sponsor a leadership Community, where we create spaces for people to connect with themselves and each other while pursuing leadership, career and personal development. Participants come from different companies, functional areas and experiences in a collaborative manner. We provide them a forum to interact with each other, discuss and learn about topics that allow them to strengthen their leadership skills and discuss challenges they’re having in their pursuit of resolution.



Project design and management. Assessments. Coaching. Meeting and Training planning and facilitation. Public speaking.

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