Francia is one of the strongest HR leaders that I have had the opportunity to meet as part of my network group. Her business acumen and ability to connect the HR strategies to the business priorities sets her apart, giving her additional credibility as a coach and strategic advisor that is often hard to find in HR executives.

She always offers a perspective that is balanced and well thought out to move the organizations forward. Francia is highly collaborative and always willing to help, and I’ve personally benefited from her thoughtful mentorship and guidance to help me grow as a leader.

Isabel Montes- HR Partner Resources – Starbucks

Working with Francia has been a unique opportunity in my personal and professional life.

She has a special combination in her career that contains the business side fully developed, as well as a human resources training and experience. In the projects that we have had the opportunity to work together, she has exhibited a magnificent ability to navigate from a transactional scheme to the most strategic possible level with a highest standards a great listening skills and at the same time a great firmness to sustain her points of view. When I have a need for a strategic transformation, the creation of something totally customized for our clients, a profound intervention for one of our executives, the first person I think of is Francia

Alejandro Ceron, Founder SP&E Consultants

Francia combines a wealth of global experience with a very personable approach to people, situations and organizations. She is able to rapidly understand what is at stake, provide insightful recommendations, and partner with executives along execution.

Helena Herrero, Ideas Generators

I have been honored to work with Francia and consider her an exceptional person and a consummate professional. She brings a holistic approach to business thanks to her knowledge and extensive experience in strategy, talent management, sales, finance and products in her roles as a corporate leader, consultant and coach. We have worked together on several client assignments and Francia has demonstrated leadership, teamwork, integrity, responsibility and passion. Working with Francia has been inspiring; she encourages dialogue and new ideas in a practical, easy-going manner. I look forward to continuing collaborating with and learning from her.

Maria Jose Monti, Leadership & Career Coach, Life Coach and Consultant

Meeting Francia was a defining moment in my professional career. It has been inspiring to watch her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. She is a rare kind of visionary who can do it all, she can define a long-term strategy and then break it down to the day-to-day. Francia´s dedication and commitment are truly representative of her tremendous ability, professionalism, experience, and interpersonal skills, I seldom come across someone who is so approachable and as down to earth as Francia. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to keep on learning from her


A common acquaintance recommended Francia saying “…when Francia speaks, I listen…” and I am glad I followed his advice. Francia is an extremely experienced and insightful executive with unparalleled active listening skills who will surprise you with her observations and recommendation from the beginning. As a coach, Francia skillfully combines kindness with firmness in her guidance, helping you discover your own path as an executive – and she will have no second thoughts about pushing you if you are “getting wrapped around the axle” on a situation or scenario. If you are looking to make a leap in your career and need solid guidance and counsel, I recommend you give Francia a call. And yes, when Francia speaks…I listen


Francia is a very passionate person and her work reflects the interest she has in what she does. She is thoughtful and eager to listen to ideas. She provided direction and guidance to our group’s activities and empowered us to do our work. She is a smart, insightful and gracious person who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Francia is a leader with a gentle hand that encourages and inspires


Francia has a leadership presence which commands an audience’s attention and respect whether it is in a large meeting or small one. Her experience, expertise and confidence are quite apparent. In her delivery, she is believable, genuine, sincere and warm. Francia is a talented and energetic capital management expert with deep and broad experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition and management. She has successfully developed and delivered compelling employee initiatives and programs, that deepened behavioral and cultural changes


Francia is a highly motivated professional, very knowledgeable and loves what she does. She is very interested in learning about the local situation and people´s motivation to grow. She stands out from the typical HR stereotype and is very comfortable around energetic and young professionals. She is very political and professional at very high levels; people show respect and appreciate when she gives her impressions about someone or something. She became my mentor and has been very close to my career and development for more than 10 years. She has a good understanding of my interests, skills and potential and has been very keen and consistent with her advice which she always based on my own goals and personal wellbeing. She has gone a step further in terms of providing me with tips and right approaches for interviews, organizing my logic in choosing one job over another and always integrating the personal will and expectation. Francia has proven experience in career development within the financial services industry at very high levels. She is a great mentor, always puts the person first, and knows how to establish a good balance of corporate drive and your individual interest. She will be very straight forward if you are not being consistent, but let you get to the conclusion. If there is a person you can trust 100%, that´s her.


Francia is a dynamic leader, who truly lives the values of passionate work ethic, dedication and altruism. I admire her for being a superb listener, and for her impressive ability to consistently give objective and realistic guidance, which has helped me find effective solutions. She is very engaged and willing to help at the drop of a hat, and on numerous occasions has been a solid advocate and subject matter expert, guiding me during/through start-up phases. With the wealth of knowledge she has, broad industry experience and being a reliable voice of reason, it is easy to see how she garners respect of peers, the community and industry. It truly is an honor to know such a phenomenal woman and inspirational leader, who within a short period of time has made a lasting impact in my career and personal life.



Project design and management. Assessments. Coaching. Meeting and Training planning and facilitation. Public speaking.

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