We take very seriously the privacy and security of your information. This policy describes how we use and protect the information that you may offer us or that we may gather about you in considering our services and during our professional relationship. This statement of privacy of information will apply to past, present and future clients and prospects.

We do not expressly collect information from you, but in the course of the work we may do together you may provide us data to allow us to do the assignment that you have given us. The work that we do is mostly (not exclusively) coaching; assessments of individuals, groups, organizations and projects; discussions (in person, via virtual applications or telephone); surveys where demographic data or your opinion on different topics may be requested. Occasionally and with your permission we may video tape an interview or an assessment with the purpose of providing that information back to you. At times we may use survey platforms (such as Survey Monkey) to gather information for an assignment. Any information we use from surveys will be an aggregation and will not identify you personally or include any results attributable to you. We may also have access to information such as your email addresses and phone number to connect with you.

We may occasionally ask third parties for referral information about you to gather their opinion on you as part of a 360 or an assessment; or look for information on you via other third parties (such as LinkedIn). We are not responsible for the way these parties use your information. In addition, a company may provide their bank account information in the form of a bank transfer or checks for payment of our services.

We guarantee that we will not share this information with any third party unless we do so in good faith belief for legal requirement in conformance with legal edicts or in compliance with legal processes. In certain situations when we are providing coaching or assessment services to an employee, the company that contracts our services may request a summary of our progress or lack thereof. We feel in the obligation to share an overall summary with the appropriate parties (Manager or Human Resources) but will never disclose the details of
the discussions.

All information will be used to provide you with services and/or products you may have requested from us and/or to communicate with
you. We use your personal information to respond to your questions and requests and provide you services. We don’t keep any information
in our website but do keep it in our email system..

This privacy law may be enhanced or modified in the future to comply with any additional legal requirement. If that were the case we would notify you about any significant change in the way we process the information by placing a prominent notice on our website. The date of such review will be updated in this document.

If there is any information you feel you should not share, we request that you keep that private and within the norms established by your organization. We encourage you not to provide us with any sensitive personal or corporate information or any information you don’t feel comfortable sharing or is restricted by your organization.

Information will be retained for as long as needed or permitted considering the purpose for which it was obtained. After delivering the
work for which you have contracted us we retain the information for record-keeping or in case you may have future questions.

We have no link to other websites or companies or locations within or outside the US with which we may need to share your information.
You have right of access to know what information we have on you (unless your company has supplied it in confidence). You have the right
of rectification and of objection of the information if you feel it is inaccurate.

We will provide our clients with a copy of this statement at the onset of our professional relationship. If you have questions or comments regarding this statement of privacy, questions about how we handle your information, need to withdraw your consent to our usage or if you require a Spanish version of this document please contact us at the email francia@fbgconsulting.com
Dated April 11, 2022


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