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Business is key. However without people, goals cannot be met, deals cannot be closed and profits cannot be made. Thus businesses need to see employees as a critical resource; and employees need to see the companies they work for as facilitators to support their professional goals.

With over 15 years of experience in business roles we understand where you’re coming from and what you need to accomplish… and with over 15 years of Human Resources experience, we know what you are looking to achieve in your career and what an employer needs to do be supportive to their staff and leverage on their skills.

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Francia Guzman

Francia Guzman is a senior executive with solid human resources and business experience in a variety of areas. Her geographic scope has covered global, regional and domestic roles. She is described as a change agent and a leader with proven track record of excellent relationship skills and efficient delivery. Francia has 36 years of corporate experience, largely built in global organizations, such as Citigroup and Visa Inc. and working with top level individuals in those corporations.

Her Human Resources background includes strategic aspects of human resources, organizational and talent development including diversity and inclusion, coaching and assessments. Her business experience covers product design and management, relationship management and treasury. She also has experience with public affairs and client training.

She holds a degree in Sociology, graduate studies in Urban and Regional Development and a certificate in Human Resources. She is certified in business coaching and in assessment interviewing. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Francia co-authored a book on “Latino Culture: A Dynamic Force in the American Workplace” (Intercultural Press). She has written for several publications, has been featured in magazine articles, been a judge for HR related awards, engaged in leading roles for boards, as well as participated as keynote speaker for multiple organizations. She is founder of FBG Consulting and co-founder of Strategic Human Capital Consortium.

Organizational Development

We contribute to your business results by supporting the effectiveness of your organization and conscious partnership with your employees.

    • Behaviors and values that build the organizational culture
    • Effective and embedded organizational structure
    • Internal organizational branding
    • Compatibility assessments in mergers and acquisitions
    • Succession plans that identify candidates for critical roles, readiness and plans
    • Engagement and recognition analysis and recommended actions
    • Nurturing workplace environment
    • Resolution of internal conflicts
    • HR seen as a business proposition
    • Workforce assessment to understand and mitigate human capital risks


We support you (as leaders and employees) to execute to the maximum of your capabilities.

  • Right leaders in the right jobs
  • Individual and team assessments
  • Leadership readiness, assimilation and preparation for roles
  • Development and Behavioral coaching
  • Mentoring and sponsorship programs
  • Developing and executing talent and career plans
  • Talent retention
  • Cohesive, collaborative and productive teams and optimizing performance
  • 360 degrees face to face assessments
  • Intervention exercises and managing conflict


We support you to implement consistent and fair human capital practices around the world and adapt global practices to specific environments.

  • Diversity and inclusion as business drivers
  • Innovation and engagement as a result of inclusion
  • Impact of demographic changes to the business
  • Leveraging the growing Latino workforce
  • Workforce support of the organizational goals
  • Global consistency and local application of human capital practices
  • Contributions across functions and geographies
  • Employees connected to the organization and to each other
  • Global virtual managers optimizing resources and relationships


With the purpose of facilitating ways to enrich everyone we meet and everything they touch, we look to bring people together to hold discussion and learning forums and sustain each other by contributing with our experiences and knowledge.

  • Bringing together individuals having some form of common category: function (e.g. HR), level (e.g. C-Suite leaders, managers), type of work (e.g. entrepreneurs), generation (e.g. millennials), gender (e.g. female), ethnicity (e.g. Latinos) or a common interest in a particular learning topic
  • Come together with a common purpose: focus on their career growth, leadership skills, relationship and networking, discuss best practices and innovation or any other purpose; yet have the flexibility of adapting to unexpected needs
  • It can also include training events and learning capsules
  • Create a support group between participants
  • Some groups will be open and other will be by invitation


Project design and management. Assessments. Coaching. Meeting and Training planning and facilitation. Public speaking.

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